Sunday, November 29, 2009

A True Friend

A long time ago, I broke someone's heart. What I did was a mistake and I sometimes have a hard time forgiving myself for it. Most guys would never make the effort to reinstigate any friendship with me, but this one did. He was hurt. It took time. But in the end, we became closer friends than we ever were before. I am trying so hard to understand how he was able to forgive the hurt I caused in his life. I guess, in the long run, our friendship was more important to him than hurt feelings or pride or anything else that could have stood in the way. I am so grateful to him for the incredible example he provides for me and for his eternal friendship.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Another One

I've had these metaphors playing tag in my head for a few days, so I finally sat down and wrote it out.  Hope you like it:

Playing Games

I won't be your yo-yo anymore.
I won't come and go as you please.
Quit playing with my heart strings.
I'll cut all ties and go my own way.

You've been playing me,
but my heart is not a toy
for you to buy, borrow, or break.
I won't belong to just any young boy.

I won't be your boomerang anymore.
I won't come back as you please.
Quit throwing me away.
I'll break shape and fly my own way.

You've been playing me,
but my love is not a toy
for you to enjoy then disregard.
I won't belong to just any boy.

I won't be yours anymore.
I'm free to do as I please.
Quit making me feel guilty.
I'm finally making my own way.

Now, I realize that some might say this has a bitter flavor to it.  I guess I have to admit that they might be right.  However, the point I really wanted to come across is that I want to be treated as a human being with real feelings.  "Making my own way" does not necessarily mean that I'm planning to be alone forever.  But I will be strong and make my own choices that make me happy.  I won't continue to play games with boys, but when the right man comes along that wants to make me happy, I'll gladly do all I can to reciprocate.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

First. Post. Ever.

I don't consider myself a writer. Maybe that's why I've put off posting anything on my blog for so long. A long time ago, I wrote a poem about a knight in shining armor. I lost that poem. But in trying to remember it, I wrote the poem below. It's a little bit silly and quite a bit sappy...two words that I could readily use to describe myself. Enjoy!

I used to dream of a knight in shining armor.
He would ride up to me on his white stallion,
Sweep me off my feet and into the saddle behind him.
Together, we would ride off into the sunset
To happily live forever.

I had a knight once, and his armor shone into my eyes.
The glaring light distracted me from knowing his heart.
He swept me off my feet, but I missed the saddle.
I ended up falling on my back, watching him ride off into his own personal sunset.
I hope he lives happily ever after.

I no longer dream of a knight in armor, but simply a man.
A stallion is not a necessity, but a bright and promising future is.
I want to be swept off my feet, into someone's arms.
Together, we will walk side-by-side into the dawn of our future
And we will work hard to happily live forever.