Thursday, November 11, 2010

Head vs. Heart

So…here’s another one.  Pretty cheesy.  But that’s me!

The view from up here is clear.  I have the eyes to see and the ears to hear.
My perspective is uninhibited.  My eyes and ears are open to the truth.
You sit there in your warm cage, beating your love song rhythms.
You’d rather hope for your fairy-tale ending than accept truthful logic.
Why won’t you listen to me?

If I always listened to you, life would be bleak.  No light, no love, no learning.
You can see and hear, but I can feel.
I am like an old treasure chest: stubborn and difficult to open, afraid to be hurt,
but once open, stubborn and difficult to close, preferring pain to numbness.
I wait for the time when I can open wide and feel everything.
I will share my whole self without fear.  I won’t have to get it back.  I won’t want to get it back.
That time will come.  Your logic means nothing compared to reciprocated love.